Brain Me Up tested by Naturopath

Brain Me Up booste ton cerveau

Hello, smarty followers We received the best review from a blogger, and naturopath, Brooklyn Naturo. She has tried Brain Me Up for 30 days, and she is going to tell you all about it in her article. Young Talented Woman, Brooklynnaturo has the chance and privilege to try Brain Me Up gourde. She is sharing […]

How to hack your motivation


Motivation is the desire to do things. It is the difference between getting up early and hitting to the gym and lazing around the house all day. It plays a crucial role in setting and attaining goals. Some people seem to have it more than others, grit, self-control, drive, work, ethic, persistence, motivation – whatever […]

Brain Me Up Referral Program

REFERRAL PROGRAM Dear Customers and Friends, You have placed your first order so you are IN. We want to congrats you because we want you to be happy to be part of our family. And so,  you are going to SPOIL you. SPOILED, it is always nice. Isn’t it?   We want to reward you for referring […]


FOUR STEPS TO WORK IT OUT Mind your body and your body will mind you. This could be our mantra here at SmartDreenk. This philosophy is in our focus supplements products and is at the heart of our business model. Most of our team put their muscles where their principles are. Me? I spend my […]

Brain Exercises

It is possible to brain you You want to get better, live a healthier life, deal with all your priorities better. You check the boxes: More exercise, Healthy eating, Healthy habits, Self-care… But do you think about your brain? If you want to feel better, you need a clear and quick mind first. You need […]

Coffee ☕️ the good, the bad and the healthy

Coffee: the good, the bad and the healthy “You’re a hypocrite of the highest order!” That’s what a close friend of mine texted me when she read my article on Green Tea. As you can imagine, the exchange devolved from there. Emojis got involved. It wasn’t my proudest moment. But she made her point and […]

No, you’re not losing your mind?, just your footing

Sometimes, I have to struggle to find the correct angle for this blog. And sometimes, life happens. A few days ago, I was having coffee with a very close friend of mine. Her first words caught me off-guard. “I’m not only a bad mom,” she said, in a low voice. “I’m a bad person.” “Why, because […]

All You Can Meditate ??‍♀️

  You know what I love with those all you can eat buffet? Not the limitless quantities but the large choice. When I decided to try meditation to help me regain my balance, I didn’t discover a buffet. I discovered an entire city of buffets. And suddenly, a choice wasn’t such a great thing. Where […]

The Circle of Body and Mind

Circle of mind

“Know Thyself.” Those words were engraved on the Greek god Apollo’s temple in Delphi. To know oneself, you must recognize what you are made of. The Greek understood that. They studied the body and the mind, and how one part could affect the whole. They considered knowledge the surest tool humans could wield to better […]

The Sexiest thing about ?

Pineapple—A (t) horny subject You might have heard about pineapple’s benefits in intimate situations. Like many urban legends, there’s a seed of truth there. Because it’s important to be to your lover’s taste, I’ve delved into the subject. And of course, I found that there was little truth to it. But there is some truth […]